Google Acquires Israel's Elastafile for more than $ 100 million

The company, which develops storage solutions for the cloud, was founded in 2013 by Amur Maharani, Ronny Luxembourg, and Shariah Frank, and has raised $ 75 million to date from funds like Dell ENC, Battery Ventures and Light speed.

Google announced today that it is acquiring Israeli company Elasticize for more than $ 100 million. Testify develops storage solutions for enterprise environments and cloud services. According to the search giant, the deal is expected to be approved later this year.

Elastic was founded by Amer Maharani, Ronny Luxembourg, and Shariah Frank, and currently employs 70 people. The company is headed by Erwin Lenard. The company is developing a system that makes it easier for large organizations to access cloud storage systems and build applications that can run in the cloud environment. "Stile's service is useful for high-performance, high-performance cloud tasks, such as image processing, genomic research or machine learning," Maharani told The Marker. "With the technology we developed, we can get the reliability that was previously reserved for entire storage server cabinets," he said.