Hi Introduces Joice, Artificial Intelligence for Customer Relationship

Oi has just announced the launch of Joice, its artificial intelligence designed to make life easier for customers.

As part of the company's digital transformation strategies, which involves enhancing its operational efficiency and providing customer relationship solutions, Joice promises a quality experience in its crucial service channels.

The artificial intelligence of Oi is already active in most communication channels of the company, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Twitter, reaching the mark of 1.5 million monthly visits. "Joice is a result of our digital transformation movement, which has already improved processes throughout the company chain, from the digital account to the management of the technician who goes to the customer's home," says Ricardo Drumond, digital director of Oi.

The executive also reveals that Joice now has different service interfaces, focused on customer empathy and being able to solve various issues via WhatsApp. Artificial intelligence offers services such as expiration date information, bar code, invoice delivery, support, technical visit, relocation, among other resources.